Apple’s iPad changes market landscape

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It's no secret that Apple's technology and products are changing the world around us, bit by bit. A recent study by e-commerce solutions provider Monetate found a rise in the number of online purchases made from tablets, and a decline in the number originating from desktops. Furthermore, Apple's iPad is firmly at the head of the pack, reported Apple Insider.

“I truly believe that the tablet is best used as an in-house mobile device – it's a replacement for the desktop or the laptop,” said Monetate Chief Marketing Officer Kurt Heinemann. “The mobile device is really that second screen experience; it's really married to [a user's] media experience in a different way than the desktop.”

Monetate's study looked at the sale of physical goods via the internet, breaking down traffic to various sites by the type of device used. In the third quarter of 2011, tablets accounted for 3.16 percent of all e-commerce website visits. However, over the last year, tablets have more than doubled their market share, making up 8.37 percent of all website visits in the third quarter of 2012. Apple's iPad accounted for 88.94 percent of all website visits made from tablets, establishing a huge lead over Android devices, which accounted for 6.34 percent.

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