Apple’s interesting year: 2012

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As the year winds down and comes to a close, it could be worth taking a look at some of the notable events occurring in 2012 for Apple. Among the most significant events in the Appleverse was its legal battle with Samsung, its launch of the iPhone 5, the release of the new iPad mini, the release of Google Maps for iOS and the conversion of PC owners to Mac owners.

Apple released its iPhone 5 in September, and the company reported that it sold 5 million devices over the three-day launch weekend. Believe it or not, this massive sales weekend was still viewed as a disappointment to some analysts who expected between 6 and 10 million units sold, ZDNet reported.

Google Maps was launched for Apple's iOS platform in December, and ZDNet reported that in less than 48 hours after the launch, the app had already accumulated more than 10 million downloads.

In an October Avast Software survey on Windows 8 adoption shed light on the changing tides in the world of operating systems. The survey indicated that more than 25 percent of its 350,000 respondents were considering replacing their PCs with Macs.

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