Apple’s curved glass patent could mean sleeker devices

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In a recent article in Engadget, contributor Jon Fingas reported that Apple has been researching the curved screen concept found in mobile devices of competitors like Samsung's Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. Apple has recently received a patent for a new technique to mold thin glass into curved shapes.
Fingas detailed that Apple's new technique allows glass to be bent in less time and without the use of “risky” chemicals.

“By having alignment tools shift along with hotter temperatures during a glass slumping process, where the material shapes itself around a mold, Apple can bend glass without any interference – leading to curvy surfaces that are both quicker to make and higher quality,” Fingas explained.

Engadget reported that this new patent does not necessarily mean we should expect to see a curved-glass iPhone in the near future, and Apple has indicated that this new technique could be used for anything “from mice to TVs.” Earlier this year, TNW magazine reported that Apple originally preferred curved-glass iPhone designs, but due to high costs, the early prototypes were shelved.

If Apple should move forward with curved glass designs, iResQ's iPhone glass repair services could be good to keep in mind should anything happen to damage the device's screen.

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