AppleCare+ – Not Really a Great Deal?

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To go along with their extensive suite of devices, Apple also offers AppleCare+, a type of specialized insurance for newly purchased Apple devices. Let’s investigate if AppleCare is a smart choice for Apple users.

The Program

AppleCare+ is a tiered warranty extension consumers can add on to their newly purchased Apple products, either at checkout or within sixty days of purchase. Users pay a flat service fee, then an additional deductible that varies depending on the type of damage incurred. The flat cost of AppleCare also varies depending on your device. 

Consumer Use

One of the potential drawbacks to AppleCare is the limits on service. This coverage is only available to newly purchased devices, and some older devices aren’t available for coverage at all. If you have an iPhone older than the iPhone 7, you can’t use AppleCare. It’s possible that Apple will continue to limit the products available for coverage as new devices are released.

There is also a hard limit on the number of damages that AppleCare will cover. Each device is only covered for a maximum of two hardware repairs every twelve months. Also, if you are a seeking a battery repair, it must be retaining 80 percent or less of its original capacity for AppleCare to cover the replacement, not mentioning other potential battery-related issues or how those may intersect with hardware repairs. 

The peace of mind that comes with a warranty protecting against screen damage in addition to theft or loss, despite potentially not being the ADJ option financially is enticing to some consumers and may be worth the additional AppleCare+ fee. However, there are many IT and tech repair resources outside of Apple that are available for Apple users to take advantage of. AppleCare+ may also be a good option for products that cannot be repaired, such as Airpods.  

 But what do these pros and cons look like for businesses or large institutions? 

AppleCare Professional

The AppleCare professional plan “onsite service” doesn’t extend far beyond what an IT staff member already does, at a steep additional cost. The coverage is also not comprehensive; AppleCare will only replace 4 percent of Mac computers and 10 percent of phones or iPads before you start incurring additional costs. 

It may seem appealing to have support from within the Apple conglomerate, as that is the specialty of AppleCare technicians. However, all IT professionals and repair technicians are specially trained on a wide range of devices, including Apple as it is one of the largest technology companies in the world. These individuals are often just as qualified to assist you with any issues with your device as an AppleCare technician. 

Though ultimately, the decision is up to you as the consumer, if you are considering buying an Apple device or devices soon, be sure you are making a well-informed decision about your coverage.

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