Apple WWDC: What can you expect this year?

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This week is Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where software professionals from across the globe gather to learn about some of the new offerings being released by the company. As a result, Apple typically waits until this conference to announce some of its most eagerly awaited new devices and software, making WWDC one of the biggest events for Apple fans. This year's event is shaping up to be a doozy, with lots of cool announcements expected throughout the week.

New MacBook models
One of the top new devices that will likely be revealed at WWDC is a new, next-generation MacBook laptop. CNET reported that it will be powered by Intel's Haswell processor, which increases battery life by up to 50 percent. Other probable upgrades include a better built-in microphone, a higher resolution video camera and a slimmer body.

However, Apple has given not confirmed when these new MacBooks might be released or how much they will cost. After all, it would not be a stretch to think that these laptops would not hit the market until the Christmas shopping season and that they would cost thousands of dollars when purchased new. Considering the scope of the expected upgrades, many consumers will likely find that iResQ's MacBook repair services are far more affordable and realistic options for meeting their immediate computing needs.

Apple's own music streaming service
Pandora and Spotify may no longer be the major players in the online music streaming business, as Apple may soon outmuscle these firms in the space. The Washington Post reported that the ad-supported iRadio service that features similar functionality to other available products may be announced at WWDC. Although many Web offerings with similar services already exist, Apple's product could prove especially popular because so many people already turn to Apple and iTunes to meet their music needs.

Before using iRadio, you should make sure that the speakers on your iPhone or iPad are in top shape. If you are having issues for any reason, turn to iResQ's iPhone or iPad repair services to get rocking once again.

What to expect from iOS
Perhaps the biggest anticipated release of the conference is a new version of iOS, the operating system found on iPhones and iPads, the Post reported. In particular, a lot of speculation is swirling around the new iOS since it's being now run by the guy who used to design Apple's distinctive hardware. No one knows for certain what the new system will be like, but most of the initial rumors around this expected latest iOS have swirled around its anticipated aesthetics.

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