Apple working to improve autocorrect on iPhones

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Many iPhone owners love the autocorrect interface on their phones, while others are endlessly frustrated by it. Apple has taken notes from both sides and is looking to improve the autocorrect function by detecting typing speed and word intent, according to AppleInsider. Those with a broken iPhone screen may not be able to get any of the positive benefits of this expected update, so iPhone screen repair may be in order for those who want to see the new and improved autocorrect.

The news source said it came across three patent applications published in the U.S, Patent and Trademark Office this week. Two of these Apple filings deal directly with typing and spelling correction, and AppleInsider said there could be a third patent that relates to this feature as well.

“In one embodiment of the invention, a string of typed characters is timestamped and can be analyzed by a process for use in either autocorrection or autocompletion,” the news source said. “The invention also suggests that 'baseline typing speed data' could be gathered in order to determine whether double strikes, transpositions or other errors have occurred.”

So if you're a mass texter and are excited about the expect autocorrect improvements, don't let a cracked or malfunctioning screen be the reason your friendly banter with friends comes to a sudden decline. For reliable and trustworthy iPhone repair, you can get in touch with iResQ, whose Apple-Certified technicians have the expertise to get your device back to like new quality.

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