Apple Will Fix iPhone and Mac Issues with Wi-Fi

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Many iPhone and Mac users have noticed their Wi-Fi connection hasn’t been the greatest. These problems have been complained about all over the Internet. The reason has been finally exposed, and Apple is fixing it…quietly.

The problem is due to the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS is a directory of addresses on the Internet. It’s what gives websites and users a location. The address is the IP. You’ve probably heard of IP addresses before and have used it to do different things.

Well, Apple used software called mDNSResponder for twelve years. It managed Mac’s networking and the lookup process. It worked perfectly.

The last part of 2014, Apple decided to remove the DNS responder and replace it with “discoveryd.” The reason for the replacement may be due to the Airdrop feature that was implemented in the update around the same time.

The problem is that they coded discoveryd differently. This may be the reason Wi-Fi isn’t as efficient.

The good news is that Apple has dropped discoveryd and put mDNSResponder back in, which will be on people’s devices with the OS X 10.10.4 update. This should make Wi-Fi connections much more reliable.

Does It Solve All Wi-Fi Problems?

While the update may solve some of the Wi-Fi problems iPhone users are having, it won’t solve all of them. Besides the software, there are many other issues a Wi-Fi connection can have, which is why we are here. If you’re finding your Wi-Fi connection going in and out, there could be a mechanical problem causing it.

We recommend using our free diagnostics service to really know what is going on with your device. This service is free and once our certified techs look over your phone, you’ll know what the true problem is, so it can be resolved.

You can choose to have us fix it or you can take your phone back without repairing it. It’s up to you.

Call us or visit our iPhone and Mac repair page for more information on free diagnostics and Wi-Fi repair.

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