Apple will churn out nearly 60 million new iPhones

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Worried production issues will prevent you from getting the new iPhone right away? Thinking you should already camp out at the Apple store to guarantee you'll be one of the first proud owners of the iPhone 5? Put away your tent and let your worries be eased; CNET is reporting that Apple is ramping up production of the new iPhone 5 to 59 million for this year, according to J.P. Morgan's Mark Moskowitz.

Apple is expected to produce 20 million iPhone 5s in the September quarter and 39 million in the December quarter. J.P. Morgan told the news source that iPhone 5 units could be 50 to 60 percent of all iPhone shipments during the last two quarters of the year. Moskowitz also said the new iPhone promises to be even sleeker than previous models.

“In our view, the screen stands to fill more of the black sidewalls present in the prior generations,” Moskowitz said, accordingn to CNET. “As is widely expected, the new smartphone stands to be 4G LTE capable, and given the prospect of a thinner body, we think that the iPhone 5 can avoid being classified as a 'pocket hog,' which has hurt other 4G LTE offerings in the marketplace.”

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