Apple unveils new iPod models

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Music lovers won’t have to pick up an iPhone 5 to enjoy Apple’s latest line of products. The company showed off a new and improved iPod touch, as well as an updated iPod nano, at its September 12 press event.

Both the new iPod touch and the new iPod nano are thinner than their predecessors, but they also both take advantage of larger screens. The iPod touch’s 4-inch screen with Retina display is the same as on the iPhone 5, and, like the iPhone, the iPod touch will run iOS 6. The new operating system allows features such as Facebook integration, Photo Streams, Siri and a new panoramic photo option.

Speaking of photos, it looks like the iPod touch is aiming to compete with some consumer cameras. The device has a new 5-megapixel camera and can take 1080p HD video, while an optional wrist strap makes it easier to hold onto.

The nano allows video and features a touch screen display, as well as better battery life. The touch and nano ship in October, with the 16GB nano costing $149, the 32GB touch priced at $299 and the 64GB touch running at $399. Both come in a range of colors.

While larger screens may be cause for concern about cracks and other damage, iPod owners are safe with iPod repair from iResQ, which makes it no trouble to get back to listening music in the event of an accident.

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