Apple to create 200 US jobs

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Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced in an interview on NBC's “Rock Center” that Apple would be moving the manufacturing of one of the existing Mac lines to the United States. A recent report from Bloomberg indicated that if Apple follows the same pattern of its competitors, this move toward U.S. production could potentially create about 200 jobs.

“The investment sounds like a 200-job operation with about a million-unit output,” labor economist at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Dan Luria said. “Apple will probably rely on tax breaks and other incentives for the facility.”

MacRumors reported that it is speculated that Apple will be working on the project with Foxconn, its primary manufacturing partner, as the company has expressed an interest in expanding U.S. operations alongside Apple. Bloomberg reported that Apple's move toward U.S. manufacturing could serve to bolster Apple's reputation.

There is still much that is unknown about exactly which Mac line will be moved to U.S. manufacturing. Regardless, if this exciting news is enough to make you drop your MacBook, iResQ's MacBook replacement screen services can fix it back up and get you surfing the web again in no time.

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