‘Apple tax’ meltdown

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A recent column in Reuters by Chris Taylor detailed that many Americans spend a lot of money outfitting their households with Apple products, referring to the cost as “the Apple tax.”

“They are spending hundreds – if not thousands of dollars – more each year for the unexpected Apple 'taxes' – add-ons that lock them into the Apple system: iTunes downloads for music, movies and games, along with subscriptions and accessories,” Taylor wrote.

Taylor cited industry data that estimates the average household spends $444 on new Apple technology, which is reportedly up from the $150 average observed in 2007.

The column sparked a flurry of responses, with Salon writer Andrew Leonard describing Taylor's article as a ridiculous comparison of iPhone and iPad costs to “Uncle Sam's pound of flesh.”

An article out in Time magazine detailed Apple fans' were not happy at being depicted as basically “slaves” to the Apple Machine, and the MacObserver openly declared Taylor's column as “egregious in both the scope of its stupidity and its lack of accuracy.”

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