Apple takes the holiday season

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As the holiday season closes in, there has been much chatter about this year's hottest devices and all-around cool tech stuff. According to ZDNet, one analyst, Brian White of Topeka Capital, said that Apple's strong product line-up means this holiday season will be a great one for the company.

Apple has been hard at work this past year, upgrading and releasing new products. The source pointed out that many Apple products have seen significant upgrades, including the iPhone 5, the iPad 4, the iPod touch and the iMac range. In addition, Apple recently released the new iPad mini.

ZDNet cited a survey conducted by Nielsen, which revealed that the holiday wishlists of American children from 6 to 12 are simply teeming with Apple products.

“In other words, there's a lot of cool new stuff to tempt people to part with their hard-earned dollars,” wrote Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for Hardware 2.0. “It could also bring a tear to the eye on parents, as kids want the newest shiny thing from Apple.”

However, parents can relax a bit when it comes to handing off these high-tech products to their youngsters. If any of the hot Apple products sustains damage after being unwrapped, iResQ's iPhone repair, iPad repair, iPod repair and other services have got you covered.

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