Apple takes iOS to cars

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From telling us when to get off the highway to projecting the weather conditions for tomorrow's drive to the beach, Apple's iOS software is already a veritable backseat driver for many vehicle owners. So it makes sense that the tech giant is finally getting bumped up to the front seat. 

Announced almost a year ago, Apple's CarPlay is finally hitting the roads, according to Time. The system will take the form of an Apple interface built into a car's system. Basically, it will be like having an iPhone or iPad embedded in your control panel, right next to the air conditioning and the hazard lights. But as Wired pointed out, the first iteration of CarPlay will only be available in three car brands: Mercedes, Volvo and Ferrari. For the rest of us, we'll just have to wait until the system trickles down to our Corolla. 

The best part of this deal is that you won't have to risk a car accident as you use an Apple screen, since it will rest right next to the wheel. And if your iPhone ever breaks, you can simply turn to Siri in the car and ask her to guide you to the nearest cell phone repair store.

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