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Tablets are quickly becoming the computers of the future with increasingly advanced features and attachable keyboards to make the devices more like their laptop predecessors. These devices are more powerful than their previous iterations and businesses are seeing them as viable assets in everyday operations. When it comes to this market, however, Apple's iPad lines hold dominance among both consumers and enterprises, but the competition with Android products is becoming closer as both manufacturers make significant advancements.

iPads have maintained the title of user's choice for a long time, but with Google and Microsoft innovating their devices, Apple will need to continue its own development and ensure that demands are being met. Forrester analyst Thomas Husson noted that the new iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 releases were more about maintaining a premium brand experience with the competition becoming closer rather than disrupting the market with new possibilities. To Apple's credit, the retina recognition of the Mini and the slimming down of the iPad Air provided enough interest for Apple fans and provided more portable, secure versions of their products. This is at the same time that the more cost-effective Nokia Lumia 1320 and Google Nexus 7 were on the market as well, which may create waves in the mobile competition. 

“[T]ablets play a much stronger role in the discovery and explore phases of the customer life cycle,” Husson wrote. “They are therefore stronger enabler of direct commerce transactions than are mobile phones. Don't lump smartphones and tablets into the same 'mobile' bucket. People use them differently.”

Addressing surfacing iPad issues
While the iPad has made some improvements, many owners will still need to seek iPad service for issues with various device components. GottaBeMobile contributor Adam Mills noted that the most recent iteration of the operating system powering the iPad – iOS 7.0.4 – has experienced a variety of problems, which included processing lags. As new beta versions are rolled out, it will need to fix these complications and provide users with a more positive experience. Mills also noted that any potential jailbreak possibilities will be effectively mitigated by system updates as developers are actively looking for any potential vulnerabilities.

“Don't expect different release dates, expect one jailbreak to roll out on one day,” Mills wrote. “And don't expect to see Apple to sit by idly. It will likely engage in a game of cat and mouse with iOS 7 jailbreak devs in an effort to plug up the exploits that the jailbreak uses.”

As iPads advance, it will be important to have a repair shop on hand for any situation. For your iPad service needs, contact iResQ today.

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