Apple Support Ending for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

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Apple announced that after June 9, 2015, they will no longer offer support for these models of iPhones. This means that owners will not be able to get their iPhone repaired through Apple any longer. This doesn’t mean people will need to upgrade to the latest iPhone, though.

What to Do About Apple iPhone 3GS and 3G Repairs

Those who have been turning to Apple for repairs for their 3G and 3GS will need to start using third-party repair shops such as iResQ. A dependable iPhone repair shop will be able to fix and iPhone 3G or 3GS just as good as Apple using high quality parts that will last. That’s what iResQ guarantees.

Most iPhone users with earlier models already use third-party repair shops because it just makes sense. The repair costs are much less expensive and the service is just as good as or better than what they will receive from Apple.

Since getting a new iPhone could cost you hundreds of dollars and a contract, sticking with the phone you have will ensure you continue to use the device you’ve become familiar with and you’ll save money.

What Can You Have Repaired

No matter what happens to your iPhone 3G Or 3GS, iResQ has certified technicians who know how to fix it. We can replace shattered screens, broken Home buttons, malfunctioning speakers, and more. We can make your older iPhone look and function as good as new.

Our services come with a 90-day warranty and 30-day return on most repairs. Check with the repair you need for more information. We also perform all repairs within 24 hours. We know you want your device back as soon as possible, so we are committed to getting it repaired and back out to you quickly.

Contact us today for more information about our iPhone 3G and 3GS repairs. We’ve been in business since 1994, so we were repairing them since they first came out. Our experience and high quality parts are just what you need for the best in iPhone repair no matter what model you currently have.

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