Apple Struggling in Cat Market

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I came across an “article” over at Buzzfeed that is pretty much just a collection of photos that include cats and laptops. Of course, my first impulse was to see how many of the laptops were Apple brand.

Unfortunately, I only noted 10 Apple laptops in this collection of 27 cat photos. I was a bit disappointed in that number, BUT it isn’t really that low considering most of the PC laptops in the photos are an assortment of manufacturers/brands. If you compare Mac vs. PC, there’s more PC laptops — but if you compare companies against each other, Apple comes out on top. I would also imagine that since Apple is gaining popularity and customers as a result, we will see more cats on Apple laptops in the future. So things are looking up.

Oh, one other thing to consider: these cats probably don’t care what kind of laptop they are sitting on. Just saying.

Check out the photos if you are an animal lover or tech lover here: 27 Kittehs Using Laptops Correctly

FYI, here at iResQ we have 3 furry “co-workers,” aka dogs, who are proud to be Apple lovers as well. Buddy, Rudy, and Mimsy are here almost every day. That should explain the random bark or yip that can be heard sometimes when you call in or walk in. They really “ruff” it here. Rimshot.

That’s all for now! I’ll leave you with this photo… have a good one and see you next time!

My own little monster enjoying her first Apple experience back in 2006.

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