Apple still thriving in technology market

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Apple has had an interesting year – especially when looking at the stock market – but the massive tech corporation is still going strong. In a recent CNET article, contributor Lance Whitney cited new stats from NPD Group, which found that while the market was down in 2012, Apple experienced a gain in consumer technology sales.

The source indicated that Apple had a 17.3 increase in its share of all U.S. consumer technology sales in 2012 over the previous year. The company obtained a nearly 20 percent share of the market, beating our Samsung, HP, Sony and Dell. This can be seen as proof of people's love for their Apple products, both old and new.

In a recent Fox Business report, TechnoBuffalo contributor Todd Haselton explained how Apple has been able to shake up the technology industry time and time again.

“The company has very clearly stirred up the tech industry with several innovations over the past several years,” Haselton wrote. “It totally revamped and spurred a revolution in the smartphone market with the iPhone. It did so again in the tablet space with the iPad. Neither device was new in the fundamental idea of a smartphone with a touchscreen or a mass-market tablet, but both attracted the consumer market unlike any other previous device.”

Speculating on how Apple will shake up the industry next, Haselton noted how CEO Tim Cook has said the company is focused on providing both software and services. While smart TVs and smart watches are not necessarily new ideas, Apple has the resources to really take these concepts to the next level.

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