Apple seeing gold with new iPhone… literally

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The hype about the new iPhone is becoming very real as the September announcement date draws closer, and there has been a lot of talk about adding gold as a new color option alongside the current black and white sets the devices are known for. This would be the first new color available for the iPhone since 2007, according to USA Today. For those who are satisfied with the black and white versions of the device, iResQ is there to fix up any breaks, chips, cracks or malfunctions with iPhone repair services, getting your gadgets back to normal as soon as possible.

Websites such as TechCrunch and All Things D have reported that the iPhone will be more of a champagne color with a white face and golden tone on the edges and back of the device. Thus far, Apple has not commented, as they seem to be lying in wait for the September 10 announcement.

Foreign gold
Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, told USA Today that gold may not be a big deal stateside, but this could be a great move for the Chinese market. Consumers there are driven by colors, he said, and gold equates to prosperity.

New features, such as fingerprint technology and the security feature that enables users to give the device a death sentence if it is lost will be popular, but it remains to be seen how well people will take to the new golden color scheme. TechCrunch said this device may also be less expensive, thereby driving its popularity up further in the China  and India markets.

“This is especially interesting given the talk about the 'iPhone 5C' being key in these markets as well, with a presumed unsubsidized lower price-point,” said TechCruch contributor MG Siegler. “One line of thinking was that the lower-cost iPhone would all-but replace the higher cost one in these markets. But perhaps the gold option would still be enticing enough for some buyers to lure them to the higher end model. That's all pure speculation, of course.”

All Things D said gold tones are also some of the easiest to anodize, which makes gold an easier color option to offer while still giving a little bit of new flash to the device. Regarding the popularity of the color in China, the website said the luxury goods market there is forecasted to grow 40 percent in the next decade with gold jewelry leading the way. If a customer is still OK with their black or white device, iPhone repair services are here to keep your device functional.

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