Apple security shows off how the devices keep you safe

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Apple devices are thought of as being some of the safest on the market. There's not as many viruses or pieces of malware designed for iOS as there are for Android-based products, so people can keep their broken devices around longer with iPad repair and still have peace of mind that their mobile data isn't being compromised.

Why does it work this way? Apple platform security manager Dallas De Atley told Network World that the company's attitude toward security is using it as an architecture.

De Atley told the news source that firmware in each Apple device is signed by Apple, meaning the company gives its stamp of approval. The iPhone and iPad maker offers other security precautions as well, such as the ability to remotely wipe the data from a lost or stolen device.

Apple says its website that security updates are usually incorporated into the Mac OS X Software Update, so users can be more secure with each new release. For those waiting to get iPhone repair, they can sleep easy knowing that when their phone comes back it will be well-protected in cyberspace.

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