Apple Repair Center Calls 9-1-1 1600 Times in Four Months

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An Apple Repair Center in California seems to be calling emergency services by accident a bit too much.

According to a recent news story, the Apple repair center continues to call 9-1-1, and no one knows why it is happening. The problem is that everytime the number is called, an operator must answer it, and this takes that operator away from someone who may actually need help. With over 1600 calls in just four month, the Apple repair center is tasked to find out why this is happening.

What We Think Is Happening

We have an idea why this is happening, and it has to do with the experience level of the phone repair techs. Mobile devices can connect to emergency services even if they are not attached to a network. Since most of the phones that are repaired belong to someone with service, it’s that much easier to end up tapping the emergency services button. What makes it even easier is that the as long as the phone is on and has a charge, it can happen.

Now, you have to think – if it’s done by accident, it has to be done while the tech is repairing something inside of the phone. Someone wouldn’t do it by accident if they were just going through the phone and the apps. This means that the tech has the phone on during the repair, which isn’t always a good idea.

Since the tech is working on the inside of the phone, something could happen with the connections and battery, which could lead to it shorting out. They may be hitting a connection inside of the phone that calls 9-1-1 or while they are working on the phone, it’s tapped from the outside.

In any case, calling emergency services on accident doesn’t look good for the phone repair center. Hopefully, they get it figured out as soon as possible.

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