Apple releases iTunes 11

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If you've been loving your MacBook and jamming out to all your favorite music with iTunes, you're probably excited that iTunes 11 was released November 29. The new iTunes was originally promised for release in October, but Apple had to postpone to do additional work.

According to The Wall Street Journal, iTunes 11 is designed with a more visual interface, using larger graphics and looking less like a spreadsheet, and is comparable to iTunes versions used on iPhones and iPads. The new iTunes will also be more closely integrated with iCloud, Apple's data syncing services.

“iTunes is still the juggernaut in the digital media world, with more than 400 million users and more than half the music download market,” reported journalist Jessica E. Lessin for the WSJ.

With the new features of this latest version, users will be able to start streaming music or video on their MacBook and continue on their iPhone or iPad. To streamline your media enjoyment, iResQ's MacBook repair and iPhone repair services can help keep all your devices working in perfect harmony.

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