Apple products driving change in the healthcare industry

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Apple isn't just receiving positive feedback from the average consumer, the technology manufacturer's renowned iPad got the thumbs up from whole industries. In a recent article, Brian Eastwood, the senior editor for CIO, rounded up 12 ways that the iPad is transforming healthcare.

Time passes rather quickly in the technology industry, so you may be surprised to discover the iPad only dates back to 2010. However, that's all the time it took for the healthcare industry to take notice.

“For years, physicians and caregivers shied away from incorporating information technology into patient interactions because laptops and computers on wheels (affectionately known as COWs) were so cumbersome,” Eastwood wrote. “A 10-inch tablet, though, made it easy to access patient records and medical images, look up drug information, schedule appointments and even show patients educational videos at the bedside.”

Another study from The Patient's Guide was cited in a recent article in Health TechZone, which indicated that the number of consumers who use iPhones to access medical information has increased by 94 percent in the past year. While you're looking up your symptoms using your favorite Apple device, keep iResQ's iPhone and iPad repair services in mind just in case it should suffer a fall.

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