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While Apple operating systems used to be a rare sight in office environments, the tides have certainly shifted. UBM Tech’s InformationWeek Reports recently released the results of its Apple Outlook Survey, which polled nearly 600 business technology decision makers and end users. The results indicated that 85 percent of respondents support iPhones in the workplace, with 90 percent planning to or currently supporting iPad use.

Eighty-seven percent of those in companies planning to support or already supporting Apple devices noted the gadgets’ value for businesses, expressing high levels of satisfaction. While employees enjoy Apple’s functionality, they are less enthusiastic about their price tag. Forty-five percent of respondents indicated that their main problem with Apple products is the cost in relation to the benefit of use.

“Our survey results point to a real opportunity for Apple to gain footing in the enterprise,” said Lorna Garey, content director of InformationWeek Reports. “The next six to 18 months will be the real test: Will Apple take the necessary steps to further penetrate this market, or will it remain primarily a creator of consumer-class devices?”

Just how bad do workers want Apple products
It’s clear from the insight provided by decision makers that Apple products are gaining traction in the business environment, but what does the workforce have to say? In a recent article for Apple Insider, contributor Kevin Bostic cited Forrester’s 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends study, which took a closer look at work habits and desired technologies through the survey of 9,766 global information workers.

The study found that 29 percent of the global workforce now use three or more devices, which is up from 23 percent in 2011. In addition, 21 percent reported using a tablet at least once per week while 48 percent use a smartphone on a weekly basis.

If they were able to choose, one-third of respondents said they wanted an iPhone for their next work smartphone, while one-fourth expressed wanting an iPad for their next work tablet. Bostic explained that worker demand for Apple products eclipses the percentage of respondents who want Android and Windows tablets for their next work devices.

However, the costs of the devices – especially on an enterprise scale – are not cheap. Many business decision makers often note the higher prices of Apple devices over other solutions from Google Android, Windows and BlackBerry. This could provide incentive for businesses to purchase refurbished technology and invest more in third party repairs to extend the lives of devices they do purchase. For all Apple product concerns, in the office and out, iResQ’s iPhone repair and iPad repair services provide attractive options.

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