Apple Product Horror Stories: Tales from the iResQ Repair Shop

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At iResQ, it doesn’t take Halloween for us to hear some frightening horror stories. Of course, most of our nightmarish tales are about the devastating drops of iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs, but they are bone chilling.

We’ve collected our best iPhone horror stories for you and put them all here. We wish you a Happy Halloween full of fun, fright and tons of treats.

iPhone Gets Flushed Down the Toilet

Taking your iPhone into the bathroom stall? You better think again. This man dropped his iPhone into the toilet AND flushed it. Find out what happened to it. You can read the whole story here:

iPhone Water Damage: Story Flushed Down the Toilet

iPod Nano Dives Into the Washer

iPod Nano users love their devices, so they take it everywhere they go. Since it’s so small, it can conveniently fit into the pocket of a pair of jeans. In a haste, one customer threw his jeans into the washer without thinking about his precious Nano. When he retrieved it, the Nano had been through quite a tumultuous and near death experience.

Read about it here: iPod Nano Water Damage: Don’t Wash Your iPod Nano

A Terrifying Welcome to the Lake

Throw the iPad in the bag and the soy sauce too. Wait, what? That’s what one customer did, and when she arrived at the lake, she screamed in fright. The soy sauce exploded all over the iPad. Take a minute to read what happened to her iPad when we received it. It made us crave Chinese food by the time we were done with this iPad repair.

Here’s the horror story: iPad Dock Connector Repair: The Soy Sauce Story

Do you have one to share? We would love to hear it. In the comments, tell us your Apple product horror story. There’s no better time than on Halloween!

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