Apple pays $53 million settlement for class action suit

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While you already are well aware that third party device repair services like iResQ's provide a much needed answer to the shortcomings of the warranties for Apple products, recent developments may mean that those who feel shortchanged by the company regarding warranty policies may soon get some relief. Wired magazine recently reported that Apple has agreed on a $53 million settlement of a class action lawsuit that had accused the company of not honoring warranties for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Numerous lawsuits originating in San Francisco recently decided to join efforts for a class action suit to challenge Apple's refusal to honor warranties for devices that showed evidence of water damage. Specifically, the company would not repair a device if the white indicator tape that is embedded in the device had turned pink or red, signifying that it had been exposed to liquids. The problem is that the tape's manufacturer, 3M, recently revealed that it is possible for humidity – rather than strictly water contact – to cause the tape to change colors.

A recent Apple Insider article explained that the devices affected include the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch and both second and third generation iPod touch models.

“Under the settlement terms, Apple will pay out between $105 to $300 depending on the device and amount of on-board storage, with the amounts reflecting the average cost of repair,” AppleInsider stated. “The document states class members can double the payout depending on how many times they sought warranty coverage.”

IResQ's iPhone and iPod touch repair services can be an ideal solution to affordably refurbish any devices that may have been abandoned to collect dust on a closet shelf due to Apple not honoring its warranties.

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