Apple patent shows Retina display may soon come to MacBook Pro

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While MacBook Pros already look great, some industry analysts are convinced the new line of Apple laptops will feature the widely acclaimed Retina display that are currently included in the iPhone 4 and 4S and new iPad. Richard Shim, senior analyst with NPD DisplaySearch, told the new laptops will likely feature the high-quality display, and he said there are signs Apple could be seeking high pixel density 13.3- and 15.4-inch LCD panels from many big-time suppliers.

No matter what type of screen Apple uses, individuals can depend on iResQ for their MacBook repair needs, as the company has been fixing Apple products for 18 years.

The patent, titled “User-Interface Design,” is a continuation of a 2007 patent that addresses challenges to graphical elements initially designed for a lower resolution, but which need to be redesigned for a higher resolution, the source reported. This patent doesn't mean it will happen for sure, but it seems as though the popularity of the Retina display could make it happen.

“Consumers love Apple’s Retina display, so it makes sense to extend it throughout Apple’s product line,” Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps told Wired.

If the Cupertino, Califonia-based company does opt to add the advanced screen technology to its new line of MacBooks, owners of the products will need to be even more careful with their Apple laptops. But accidents will surely happen, and when they do, iResQ's Apple Certified technicians will be there to help.

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