Apple offers advice to fix MacBook keyboard, mouse freezes

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A week or so ago, many newer MacBook Pro users of  the 13-inch Retina display with the Haswell processor had been experiencing issues with their keyboard and trackpads freezing when running OS X Mavericks. While many forum users were offering their own advice on how to fix the problem, Apple was mum. Not anymore. The Franchise Herald reported that the company is working on an update to rectify the situation and presented a solution for owners to use in the meantime.

The issue was caused by either input process not responding to what the users were doing, eventually locking up the entire system. Some even received an error message stating that the input problem had caused the freeze. This forced users to reboot the entire system and lose what work they had.

Apple released a statement saying that they are currently working on a Mavericks update to fix the issue, although it uncertain if it is the hardware or operating system that is causing the problem. The company also provided a workaround for the situation in the interim.

“If you experience this issue, reset the keyboard and trackpad by closing the computer's display for approximately one minute and then open it,” Apple stated.

New issues: Mavericks causing problems with speakers, CPU usage
While working on the older bug, Apple might want to consider two new problems that have been occurring on MacBook Pros. According to The Inquisitr, owners have been complaining about sound turning off and the OS eating up tons of memory space.

According to the source, this problem is affecting MacBook users that have Haswell processors in them. As far as the sound issue, it turns off as soon as owners download Mavericks and install it on their systems. They are unable to get the sound back working, either.

The usage might be a larger problem. Mavericks users have found that the operating system eats up a large chunk of memory , despite running a minimal amount. The Inquisitr found that computer usage was around 7 gigabytes on an 8-gigabyte computer just running an email program and a Web browser. Even after a restart, the space issue is still not resolved. Apple has yet to address either issue to this point.

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