Apple Now Accepts Water Damaged iPhones for Trade In – Is it Worth It?

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You dropped your iPhone into the toilet or sink. You pull it out and immediately throw it into a bag of rice. You pray, hope, and beg that it will be okay.

After about a day, you take it out, and your worst fears become a reality. It either doesn’t turn on, or it’s completely messed up.

A water damaged iPhone can be a death sentence, but not always. At iResQ, we receive water damage iPhones all of the time. We can usually repair them and get them right back to you, so you can continue to use one of your most prized possessions.

Recently, we heard Apple is now accepting water damaged iPhones as a trade in. They didn’t before because they didn’t believe they could do anything with them. They are realizing they can now by just doing what you could through us – fix it.

If you trade your iPhone in, you could get $100 off the price of another phone. Without a contract, you will pay regular price, which is $649 for the iPhone 5S 16GB minus the $100 Apple gives you.

Now, that $100 is only if your iPhone turns on. If it doesn’t, you’ll only receive $35 for your phone. That’s hardly anything…

Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on a new phone, why not just get it fixed with iResQ? Our prices to replace the cracked iPhone screen are much less than you’ll ever have to pay for a new one.

Here’s what we have for each model:

iPhone 5 Screen: $129

iPhone 4S Screen: $69

iPhone 4 Screen: $69

Aren’t those figures much nicer? Contact us today to find out how we can diagnose your iPhone after it suffered water damage.

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