Apple may take old phones as a trade-in

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Have an old, broken iPhone that doesn't work well any longer and looking to buy Apple's newest release? It may be time to get iPhone repair from iResQ, as multiple sources are reporting that the company may allow users to trade in old devices for credit toward purchasing a new one. MacRumors said several Apple store employees are now being trained on a new program, which may go into effect September 10. This would let people bring in their old smartphones in exchange for the newest device model. To fortify these claims, CNN quoted CEO Tim Cook from a recent earnings call saying he was not opposed to it.

“I see channels doing it, and I like the environmental aspect of it, and so that part of it really is encouraging to me,” he said, according to the new source, referring to vendors of Apple products such as Best Buy and AT&T.

9to5Mac said some stores are already starting to run a pilot program for trading in old devices for new ones. Formal training will begin across the company in the near future, but stores in Dallas, Texas, have already started using this program the website said. Deliveries of empty boxes have arrived at these stores and will be used to ship the devices ​that are traded into the company to be refurbished and resold in small markets.

It may be better to wait until after the product has fully launched to make way into a pilot program, 9to5Mac said.

“This could spur even more upgrades to the new products,” according to the news source. “On the other hand, beginning the trade-in program before the new iPhones launch could boost iPhone 5 sales, a device that Apple will likely want to clear inventory of if it will, in fact, be discontinued come the end of September.”

What will users get?
CNN reported that those who bring an older iPhone in will receive a gift card that can be applied toward the purchase of a newer device. It is not yet clear if those with earlier models, such as the iPhone 3 and 3G, will also be able to trade in their devices. There is currently a similar mail-in rebate program, but allowing trade-ins in person will likely cause more people to bring in old devices due to the level of convenience. It is not yet known what the full specs of the new device will be, but those interested may want to start checking the news and see if they need iPhone repair for a trade in.

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