Apple may release new MacBook line soon

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A recent report from an Apple analyst shows that a new line of MacBooks equipped with a thinner build and a Retina display may soon be on the way in the form of a new model simply referred to as “MacBook.” MacRumors reports that KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo believes this will be offered along with MacBook Pro upgrades.

“The introduction of this new 'MacBook' model would leave Apple with a lineup of six notebooks, although Kuo predicts that issues with display yield and heat dissipation will push the release of the 13-inch MacBook back until August, leaving only the 15-inch model to make its debut next week,” the website said of the rumor.

The new MacBook series would have no disc drive, come in both SSD and HDD and have equal computing power to the MacBook Pro even with a smaller size. While none of these rumors have been confirmed or denied by Apple, the reported specs seem to be in line with the way the company has been moving as of late.

With these new models coming out, some MacBook owners may want to take the opportunity for MacBook repair with their old device. Whether they just want to fix up their laptop for use or to sell it to buy a new one, this could be a great route for saving money.

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