Apple manufacturing coming to the US next year

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In a recent interview scheduled to air Thursday, December 6, at 10 pm on NBC's “Rock Center” with Brian Williams, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated one of the current Mac lines will be moving to be exclusively manufactured in the United States next year.

“Mac fans will have to wait to see which Mac line it will be because Apple, widely known for its secrecy, left it vague,” Ronnie Polidoro wrote in Rock Center.

The source reported that this was Cook's first interview since taking over as CEO for Steve Jobs, who resigned in August 2011 due to health concerns and died on October 5, 2011, from pancreatic cancer.

According to The Associated Press, Cook stated that Apple plans to spend $100 million next year to move the production line from China to the United States. CNN reported that Apple has received a fair amount of criticism in recent years for having its supply chain in China, as it eliminates jobs in the United States.

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