Apple iTunes store will be see a major overhaul this year

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Whether Apple lovers own an iPod, iPad or iPhone, they have more than likely used the iTunes store during their tenure with the device. According to a report from Bloomberg, this online store could be seeing a huge overhaul this year, according to those with “direct knowledge of the matter.” The iCloud will most likely be better integrated with iTunes, so those who have broken devices should look for iPhone repair to be able to use cool new features from the iTunes store.

“Customers also use the software to activate and update iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as to synchronize their libraries of music, videos, photos and applications,” Bloomberg said of the iCloud. “Yet as more content is being stored on people’s mobile devices, organizing all that material has become increasingly difficult. The further integration of the iCloud Internet-based storage service is aimed at fixing some of those problems, according to the people familiar with the changes.”

Apple will also most likely make iTunes easier to find new music and share songs, a la the Spotify music-subscription service that has become hugely popular over the past year.

AppleInsider said the iTunes store has been spreading around the world, as it recently opened in 12 new countries. Fans that want to check out this new store but don't have a working devices should look to iPhone repair to make sure they can get in on the ground floor with the new iTunes shop.

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