Apple is the World’s Most Admired Company…

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…and who would argue with that? Apple has simply done things right in the technology world and doesn’t seem to want to slow down. Ultimately, this means more Apple products are out there, which increases the likelihood of damaged iPods, iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.  This is where iResQ comes into the equation.  Being in business since the mid 1990’s, iResQ has something that most Apple repair companies DON’T have. That is experience.  Simply put, you can trust iResQ to fix your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Back to the news at hand.  CNN reports that Apple is making shockwaves across not only the computer and smartphone industry, but all industries in general.  Given the fact that Steve Jobs passed away last year, it is amazing that this company continues to strive, especially in the current economic climate.  If there is anything you can count on nowadays, it’s the fact that Apple continues to innovate and continues to push the benchmarks on what can be possible with an everyday gadget such as the iPhone or iPad.

Here’s to Apple! Long may you run.


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