Apple is #1. Again.

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Well, it’s a bit of a stock roller coaster as always at Apple, Inc. Apple announced the iPhone 4 was moving to Verizon. That’s good. Then Steve Jobs announced he was taking an indefinite medical leave for the second time. That’s bad. But then he showed up to deliver the keynote speech at the iPad 2 event and, aside from looking a little thin, seemed to be in reasonable condition. That’s good. Now, more good news. According to Fortune, Apple is number one on the Most Admired companies list for the fourth straight year. You can check out the article, and the other Top Fifty at (Microsoft is still holding on at number nine).

So Rumors are already swirling about the iPhone 5, even though its release isn’t (presumably) until June. It seems that amid all the antenna controversy the life of the iPhone 4 was too brief. Sure, it wasn’t entirely functional if you held it in your hand. Sure, the move to Verizon was supposed to have corrected the network coverage issues but apparently didn’t at all. I still never met a single owner that complained or wanted to return theirs. Plus, as if it hasn’t been said enough, the design is just stunning. Well, you can say goodbye to the double glass. Everyone seems to be under the impression that the aluminum backing is coming back from the first-generation grave. Thanks to the unprecedented success of the iPad and soon to be iPad 2, Apple appears to have taken the better elements of the original iPhone and created a device that has five years worth of perfecting built in. Here’s a projected design mockup from an Apple news blog in Japan:

Return of the aluminum housing? lol

Sorry to any of you who just picked up an iPhone 4, but the anticipation for the next gen is going to start getting thick over the next few weeks. Here we go.

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