Apple iPhone 6: Less or More Vulnerable to Shattered Screens

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When the iPhone 6 first came out, many experts said that it was one of the most durable phones that Apple has released. SquareTrade even made a video testing how unlikely it is for the screen to shatter. This was like a dream come true for many iPhone users, but that dream soon turned into a nightmare for some people.

iPhone repair shops such as iResQ have been noticing that there have been a lot of iPhone 6s coming in for screen repair. Customers often tell the tale of carrying something in one hand with the iPhone in the other and in all of the weight, the phone slips out of their hands.

Now, some people do report that it wasn’t the first time they have dropped their phone. Actually, they admit to have dropped it several times. The reason the screen didn’t shatter before is because it didn’t land on its face, but rather on the side. The nicks and scratches on the sides of the phone prove that to be true.

The problem is that when the iPhone 6 is dropped on its face, there’s a slim chance it will not end up with the spider web of horror. The iPhone 6’s screen is made of glass and glass breaks. It can be durable on the sides all it wants, but if it falls from high enough and on the right side, the face will shatter.

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to get it back to looking new again. You can just send it into iResQ for an iPhone 6 screen replacement. Our certified technicians will remove the shattered screen on your phone, and then install a brand new one in its place. The brand new one will be at the same level of quality as the one that was initially installed in your phone. The result is an iPhone 6 that looks new again. Wouldn’t that be so nice?

Call us or use our easy online ordering system to get your shattered iPhone 6 repaired today.

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