Apple iPhone 5c extends to more countries – but not US

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The 8GB iPhone 5c – a cheaper version of the popular phone with smaller storage capacity – is being released in six countries this week, bringing the total number of countries in which it's available to 15, according to CNET. Yet despite its availability all over the world, there is one place where the 8GB model is noticeably absent: the United States.

Lack of 8GB 5c availability in US suggests popularity of other model
A prelimi​nary comparison of the iPhone 5c and its higher-end counterpart, the 5s, reveals one undeniable difference: color. While the pricier 5s is available only in a muted gold, space grey and silver, the 5c comes in bold hues like pink and yellow. And yet when it comes down to it, it seems that consumers have been prioritizing added functionality over aesthetic flair. Speaking during a January conference call with industry analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out that sales of the 5s have surpassed those of the 5c, a fact he attributes to the unique features of the former, such as its new fingerprint sensor, Touch ID.

“People are really intrigued with Touch ID,” Cook said. “I think that, associated with the other things that are unique to the 5s, got the 5s to have a significant amount of attention and a higher mix of sales.”

The 5c is available to U.S. customers in a 16GB and 32GB model. Prices start at $99, compared to the 5s where the cheapest model runs at a minimum of $199. But despite the added cost of the 5s, customers are still flocking to it in bigger numbers. The 5c's lesser popularity among U.S. customers could go toward explaining why Apple has not yet released an 8GB model here as it has in other countries.

Internationally, 8GB 5c has potential to boost Apple revenue
By making available a cheaper version of an already less expensive phone, Apple seems to be hoping that it can attract the customer sector that looks for economical options instead of cutting-edge enhancements like the Touch ID. The success of the company's plan remains to be seen in countries like Austria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Portugal, where the 8GB model has been made available.

However, according to Apple Insider, the 8GB model's limited storage space will make it difficult for any consumer hoping to run more complex applications or play large media files. In an age of widespread company bring-your-own-device policies – when people need their phones to be robust computing machines – it will be interesting to see how well this smaller iPhone model performs. 

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