Apple introduces next generation MacBook

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At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11, the company showed off what it is calling the Next Generation MacBook Pro, a new product that senior vice president Philip Schiller said was “the very best computer that we've ever built,” according to MacRumors. Although the new device has a ton of new features, its starting price of $2,199 is nothing to laugh at. Consumers who are only in the market for a new computer because their existing one has a hardware issue may want to save their money and seek out MacBook repair instead.

The new MacBook Pro will have a 15.4-inch Retina display with an amazing 2880×1880 resolution, 5,184,00 pixels and a display built directly into the body to make the laptop lighter, the announcement said. So far, tech-heads seem very excited, and they should be.

“The 15-inch screen now appears more seamless, if that's possible,” PC Magazine said in reviewing the device. “The bezel around the screen is black, but it blends more with the screen glass, unlike previous MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air models. Apple mentioned that the screen is less prone to glare than previous MacBooks, but there is still some glare present if you look closely. If you want a matte finish screen, you'll have to go with the updated MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge.”

No matter if you buy the new MacBook or have an old one that needs some fixing, MacBook repair from iResQ is there as a solution people can use in what may seem like a dire situation: a broken laptop.

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