Apple installs all-new maps in iOS update

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Anyone with an iPhone can tell you how important and it is to have the maps app on there. Well, at least anyone without much of a sense of direction like this writer. After years of using Google maps, the company is now switching gears, opting to use their own in-house mapping system with 3-D recreations of cities, turn-by-turn directions and traffic data from other users, AppleInsider reports.

“The new 3-D mapping technology found in the updated Maps application is not yet active in all cities,” the news source said. “However, it can be tested with Cupertino, Calif., which is where Apple's corporate headquarters is located. Turn-by-turn navigation with the new iOS 6 Maps application features a user interface that mimics freeway road signs, telling users where to turn. Directions can also be prompted using Siri.”

Turn-by-turn directions and flyover navigation will only be available for the iPad 2, new iPad or iPhone 4S, Apple Insider reports.

New direction features from this map can be great, but if the directions are blurry and unreadable because of a cracked screen, it may not matter how beautiful developers make the 3-D mapping models. But a broken screen doesn't have to lead to aimless wandering, as there are affordable iPhone repair services ready and waiting to help.

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