Apple increases security on next OS X

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In an effort to increase how safe people are when using their Apple devices, the Cupertino, California, company is starting to promote the security of its new OS X system, according to CNET. Although the new OS may protect users from malicious viruses that might infiltrate a user's computer, it will likely be defenseless against drops, water damage and cracked screens. For these issues, MacBook repair will be a more effective savior.

“These changes follow recent malware developments on OS X that have either tricked users into installing malware, or that have taken advantage of security holes in third-party programs and resulted in the automatic installation of malware on many compromised OS X systems,” CNET said on the need to have these security measures in place. “Malware developers will undoubtedly continue to target OS X and take advantage of vulnerabilities that present themselves, so a change in Apple's stance on malware and other threats is warranted.”

Apple is now offering security tips on its website, such as that users should block their screen in public places to prevent wandering eyes from seeing a password or username. The company also advises users to ensure their home networks have a firewall enabled to keep unauthorized users out.

According to Apple's website, OS X is built on a secure UNIX foundation and has security features that can be installed when needed. People with a nonfunctional laptop should take a look at MacBook repair to get the most out of the new features.

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