Apple Inc. Now with more CEO!

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Morning friends. Did you catch the expo yesterday? Whole lot of fun new toys from Apple (check out the new MacBook and iMac) just in time for holiday shopping. Not to mention the glorious return of death-defying Steve Jobs making his first public appearance since his liver transplant. Healthy lookin’ fella, that Jobs. Aside from just being compelling than the interim keynote speakers and the catalyst behind Apple’s decade-long transformation into an industry leading corporation, Steve has allowed stock holders to breath a little easier since he’s been in good health. Because of what he’s done for Apple Inc. in the last ten to twelve years, it seems that the value of Apple’s shares fluctuate precisely with his medical status. But fear not, investors. Apple just had the most astounding fiscal quarter of their existence.

According to Yahoo Finance, Apple just sold 3.05 million desktops and notebooks and 7.4 million iPhones in a quarter when more and more software and hardware developers are in danger of closing shop. Shares that dropped to $78 this time last year are now hovering around $200, and this summer’s price drop across the board is helping retail sales shatter records. Huzzah. Lower prices for consumers, confidence in a shaky economy, everybody wins. Yahoo sums up, “So, to recap: Apple sold more Macs and more iPhones than in any previous quarter in the company’s history. Before the holiday quarter. And in midst of the worst economy we’ve seen in 50 years.” Not bad, little computer company that could. Now if I’d only bought in during the Gil Amelio era when stocks were about $3 per share. Eh. Hindsight is 20/20.

One more piece of great news- The Kansas City Chiefs avoided a winless season with their victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday. So we’re halfway to being an improved team over last year’s disaster box. I have a strong feeling that they’re going to win out the rest of the season and become Superbowl Champions. You just wait and see.

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