Apple Fights to Hold Onto Repair Dominance

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Something strange happened around 2014 that iPhone users need to know. Users who decided to use a repair shop to fix their iPhones, but then went to Apple later for another repair ended up with a bricked phone. Meanwhile, users who never used a repair shop to fix their device had no problems after Apple fixed their devices. Why? Apple doesn’t like it when people choose an alternate repair shop.

Apple is a multibillion dollar industry. They don’t want to lose that status, and they fear that independent repair shops will gain traction making them a big competitor.

Due to Apple’s stronghold on the repair industry, the company is now facing not only legal issues, but PR ones too. This is a major blow to Apple, as it’s always tried to be neutral when it comes to the public.

When It All Started

The fight for repair conquering started in 2009. Apple decided to use proprietary screws in their MacBooks, iPhones, etc. because they knew repair shops couldn’t get into the devices with them. It wasn’t long because those shops created a tool to unscrew those “impossible” screws.

The company doesn’t offer repair manuals or parts, either. This is something that they probably learned from decades of a similar fight between auto manufacturers/dealerships and independent garages. As long as mechanics didn’t have the manuals or parts, vehicle owners would have to continue going to the manufacturer/dealership for repairs. The law doesn’t work that way, though. The “right to repair” legislation ended up requiring manufacturers to come out with manuals and parts for sale. The problem is this did not apply to Apple.

It’s expected that the same thing will happen with Apple, as much as they would hate it. As secret as they are, they won’t ever want to divulge exactly how they repair devices in fear they will lose everything they’ve achieved. The law is the law, though.

Choosing an Independent Repair Shop

Apple wants to continue making money off of you, despite the hundreds you’ve already spent on your device. If you’re okay with giving them more money, then that’s on you. However, the reason we decided to go into business is because we felt that consumers needed a better, farer way to repair their mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and MacBook.

We know you don’t want to use your hard earned cash on having Apple fix your device when you can get it much cheaper at iResQ. We also know you want the repair service to be just as good, done with high quality parts. That’s why we have found those parts and we train our technicians so extensively.

Turn to us when you want to have your Apple device repair. We won’t punish you with a brick phone. We’ll continue to treat you with respect no matter how many times you need a device fixed.

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