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Good morning, Apple addicts.

Last night after dinner I was “surfing the web” and came across an article that I had to share. The article is short (but includes a video) and it’s about a man named Bill Jordan. He went to his local Colorado Apple Store to buy an iPad and when he walked through the parking lot, the bag was snatched from his hand with such force that it cut his finger off. WOW!

OK, let that sink in for a minute.

I don’t want to get into the physics of this feat, or how wrong these people are for stealing. I can even overlook the fact that in the video, Bill describes the iPad as, “A toy.” I wanted to point out this article for perspective. I’m sure there are people out there who, like me, remember the old days when you were considered a little bit off for buying Apple products. When I say old days, I’m talking pretty much all the way up until 2001 (Apple’s rebirth) when Apple unleashed Mac OS X and the original iPod. Yes, that was only 9 years ago — and look at how people view Apple now. They are literally ripping each other apart to get these things.

But we can still learn from Mr. Jordan’s story. Kids, don’t wrap your plastic shopping bag around your finger. I recommend holding the iPad like a running back holds a football and sprinting to your car. Oh, and make sure you have your receipt in case someone thinks you are stealing. In all seriousness, I wish Mr. Jordan a speedy recovery and hope these people are caught. And hopefully he buys another iPad, because they are really cool.

Good luck, it’s dangerous out there.

Here’s the article: Thieves Steal iPad, Finger

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