Apple Doesn’t Have to Help FBI Unlock iPhone of Drug Dealer

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A federal judge has decided that Apple does not have to unlock the iPhone that belongs to a suspected drug dealer. This has started a debate among Americans. Should Apple be made to unlock the iPhone and violate the suspected dealer’s privacy, or keep privacy sacred and not unlock it? For now, it’s staying unlocked, but who knows what will happen next.

The Justice Department has already released a statement that it will seek review of the decision.

In any case, right now, this is a victory for privacy and security. People have rights, and those rights are not being violated in this case because the person may have broken the law. It looks like if the FBI really wants to get this guy, they are going to have to find another way to do it.

Apple did mention they would help the FBI get the information they need in some other ways that wouldn’t violate the iPhone user’s privacy. However, it doesn’t seem like the FBI is excited about that because they know whatever they need is locked inside that valuable device.

What This Means for All of Us

Our iPhones or smartphones are truly our own. While there are people trying to compromise our privacy every single day, at least we can be relieved that some of our private information can remain safe.

What do you think? Do you think Apple is right or that in this case, they should unlock the phone?

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