Apple design choices and repairability

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Apple has received significant praise for its product designs over the past decade. A recent article in CNNMoney detailed Apple industrial designer Jonathan Ive's minimalist and clean designs that “have been the stuff customers lust after and competitors emulate, from those first pastel-colored all-in-one iMacs to more recently, the 7.9-inch-sized iPad minis.”

However, in a recent opinion article for MacNewsWorld, Chris Maxcer detailed that Apple users have been frustrated with a variety of its design choices for products, the most common complaint revolving around the battery. Apple's iPods and iPhones haven't featured user-replaceable batteries for quite some time, and its MacBook line recently lost the ability to swap out batteries as well.

“… Each time Apple squishes a product to an insane new level of thinness, like the gorgeous new iMacs, we lose some tinkering option or ability,” Maxcer wrote. “Upgrades are one thing, but what if a piece of an expensive gadget breaks? What if it's basically serviceable with a lot of life left in it, but just needs to be fixed? More importantly, what if it's well out of warranty and it needs to be fixed cheaply?”

This is where iResQ's iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook repair services come into play. People from across the country send their Apple devices to iResQ for repairs, and most repairs are completed within 24 hours.

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