Apple Cuts Off iPhone 4 from Repairs

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iphone 4 repairiPhone 4 has been declared obsolete. Apple does this as they move on to newer versions of its incredibly popular phone.

If you’re still carrying around an iPhone 4, you may not be able to have it repaired by Apple any longer, unless you live in California. California requires that manufacturers support electronic devices for at least 7 years. Since iPhone 4 is only 5 years old, some people are able to get their phone repaired directly by Apple.

Does this mean if you have the iPhone 4 you can’t get it repaired if something happens? Well, no. If something happens to it, you can use a third-party repair service, such as iResQ.

Apple may have decided to cut off iPhone 4 repairs, we have not. We continue to stock high quality parts for the iPhone 4, and we will continue to provide those services to our customers.

Most people that come to use for iPhone 4 repairs need a battery replacement. The battery life was never as good as the ones now, but after using the phone for many years, battery lose their life. A new battery installed in the iPhone 4 will enable you to use it without having to plug it in all of the time.

Screen repairs are also still a possibility. The screen is different on the iPhone 4, but we will continue to stock them so we can keep the 4s running for as long as users want.

Keep the Phone You Love

Just because the iPhone 4 isn’t the latest model, it doesn’t mean you have to upgrade. You can continue using it for as long as you want. Even if something happens to it, you know that you’ll be able to get it repaired with iPhone 4 repair services from iResQ.



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