Apple customers know loyalty

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In a recent article, Reuters reported that while some might point out concern about increasing competition in the mobile device market, numerous interviews conducted in 10 of the top cities around the world show that Apple consumer loyalty is strong.

Reuters recently interviewed more than 70 shoppers as it canvassed mobile device shoppers and store employees located across Sydney, Seattle, Palo Alto, Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore, Paris, London, Mexico City and Boston.

“Apple stores and electronics retailers were bustling last week, in contrast to the Microsoft pop-up stores in the United States promoting Windows 8 and Surface tablets, which were far less crowded,” Leila Abboud and Alistair Barr wrote for Reuters.

MacRumors reported that one particular point of interest found by Reuters during its canvas is that for every one visitor that a comparable Microsoft store received, Apple had nine visitors. The source also indicated that Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn is even an Apple user.

Reuters' investigation revealed some of the main drivers of consumer loyalty to be existing iTunes music and video libraries, as well as Apple devices' simplicity and ease of use.

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