Apple CEO expects China to become the company’s biggest market

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If you had doubts about Apple's success in the Chinese market due to its belated iPhone 5 launch last month, you might want to take a closer look at the company's plans. During Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent trip to Beijing, he commented to Chinese media that the country is on track to surpass the United States to become the biggest market.

Cook additionally noted his love for the country, telling China's Xinhua News that he had visited China at least 20 times since 1996. However, Cook did acknowledge the delays in product launches that China currently experiences due to country approval procedures.

“We've been trying to coordinate with the approval process and tried to shorten the gap between the launch date in China with other countries as much as possible, which, has also become one of our primary tasks today,” Cook said, View from China reported.

Apple currently has 11 retail stores in mainland China and Hong Kong, and the company has plans to expand that number to more than 25 retail stores.

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