Apple annually freezes iTunes Connect for the holidays

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Apple has announced that its iTunes Connect will be closed on December 21 through December 28, giving its developers time off for the holidays to spend with their families.

Contributor Dave Smith for International Business Times explained that Apple freezes iTunes Connect annually, and many people don't even notice. Connect is a hub where Apple developers submit their applications, updates and changes to apps to be approved for download in the App Store.

For the average consumer, the iTunes Connect freeze simply means that for the week, there will be no new apps, app updates or price changes occurring in the App Store. MacRumors reported that as a result of the shutdown, a sizable portion of app developers cut app prices prior to the freeze so that they could be prepared to take advantage of the Christmas sales period.

Apple sent out reminders and instructions to its developers on Thursday, December 20, detailing that any changes scheduled to take effect during the week-long freeze will not happen until after the shutdown.

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