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With all the speculation that Apple will be entering the television market, people are beginning to get a bit obsessed with the company's strategy for growth and continued success. The fact that everyone and his brother clutches desperately to their iPhone, iPad or iPod might be enough to demonstrate Apple's solid position in all things technology, but not all are able to refrain from musing over Apple's next big move.

Forbes contributor Robert Hof recently detailed a number of reasons that Apple might struggle to disrupt the television market even with a launch of a possible iTV. One tech industry expert, Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan, told the source that he believes it is essentially inevitable that Apple will produce a television, but that it won't happen as soon as people think. Morgan explained that Apple's approach has traditionally not been to rely on turning a profit from hardware alone, but to bundle content in with it. This could mean that it will be a while before Apple is able to enter the market in a way that sets the company apart from other television makers.

Apple needs to disrupt itself as a company
If entering the television market is still a ways off, some wonder how the company can maintain its position at the top of the tech food chain, especially in light of an increasingly saturated market. In another recent Forbes article, contributor John Kotter argued that for Apple to remain the tech giant it is today, the company needs to disrupt and re-invent itself. If top Apple execs agree – and if history is any indication – this could mean that we will be seeing a lot of interesting things from the company moving forward.

While some speculators continue to herald the fact that Apple has been struggling in the stock market, it could be argued that struggling is not the right word to use. In a third Forbes article, contributor Oliver Pursche cited data from Statistica on the 10 most profitable companies during the last quarter. At the top of the list, posting $12.1 billion in 2012's fourth quarter profits, was Apple. Pursche even explained that the company's performance may be understated, as cash flow from operations was $23.4 billion.

You might not even need these statistics, as the love you have for your Apple devices is proof enough of the company's significant presence in your life and modern society. Regardless of how Apple moves next, the company continues to remain on top. For everything from an accidental drop of your beloved iPhone to throwing a shoe at the rumored Apple television years from now, iResQ's iPhone repair services and other Apple device repair services can always get your favorite devices back in working order in no time.

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