Apple and Foursquare to partner for social location

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple is in the early discussion stages with the location-based social networking website Foursquare to connect its local data with Apple's mapping application. The key elements of this possible partnership is its social, local and mobile aspects.

Apple blog 9To5Mac reported on this story, explaining for those who are not overly involved in the 'social scene,' that Foursquare is a popular social network that uses GPS data to allow users to check in at various locations to get points and/or deals, as well as share insight with your friends about the locations.

The source reported the new integration plan could potentially allow Apple Maps users to tap into more information about locations, and 9To5Mac detailed that the partnership could be a move to compete with Google's Map solution that was released last week for iOS.

“Not only have the folks in Cupertino partnered with Facebook and Twitter to promote easy sharing across the entirety of iOS, but also they have partnered with Yelp to provide easy access to information within Maps and its Siri personal assistant feature,” contributor Jake Smith told the source.

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